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Clinical trials

What’s a clinical trial?

Clinical research refers to all studies conducted on humans (healthy or sick individuals). It primarily focuses on advancing knowledge of diseases, developing new treatments or medical devices, diagnostic methods to ensure better patient care. Highly regulated, it adheres to a specific study protocol and is only carried out under certain conditions:

  1. The purpose is to increase medical knowledge.
  2. It is conducted by competent individuals.
  3. All measures are taken to protect the individuals participating in the research.
  4. Regulatory authorizations have been obtained, and all necessary legal and ethical steps have been taken.
  5. Obtaining the consent of the individuals participating in the research (Legifrance: Article L1121-1 of the Public Health Code).

There are two main types of clinical studies:

  1. Observational studies (e.g., cohort studies, epidemiology).
  2. Interventional studies or clinical trials.

NCT04127006 Recruiting Active

Rate of Progression in EYS Related Retinal Degeneration (Pro-EYS)

NCT02771236 Recruiting

Clinical and Molecular Studies in Families With Inherited Eye Disease

NCT04517903 Recruiting Active

Validation Study on Eye Rubbing Questionnaire in Patients With or Suspected of Having a Keratoconus (KC) (QFK)

2017-001215-37 Recruiting Active


NCT04525261 Not recruiting Active


NCT04153344 Not recruiting Active

Function of the Pigment Epithelium in Patients With Type 1 Neurofibromatosis (NEF-1)

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