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ERN-EYE Serious Game

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ADhoc – An immersive Serious Game to raise awareness among healthcare professionals about the diagnosis of rare diseases

The French rare diseases network SENSGENE has created an innovative and didactic Serious Game called ADhoc. The aim is to raise awareness among healthcare professionals of all ages and specialties about best practices when announcing a diagnosis of rare diseases.

Following the great success encountered in France, the European Reference Network ERN-EYE is now launching the English version to benefit to a large number of professionals in Europe. Facing a surprised or disoriented patient, calming a father’s anger, or managing unruly siblings, all while delivering a complex diagnosis – these are some of the objectives drawn from real-life situations that players are confronted with. This serious game was scripted during focus groups by a committee of medical experts from the SENSGENE and ERN-EYE networks, including Pr Hélène Dollfus, coordinator of both networks. Patient associations and psychologists were also consulted to validate the content. The serious game was translated and edited with the help of Russell Wheeler, supporting partner of ERN-EYE.

A serious game that can be played anywhere!  Logging in is easy – just use your best nickname!

Click on the video to watch the teaser!

ADhoc’s main objective? To learn where you want, when you want and, above all, quickly. Each scene can be played independently.

In the role of a doctor in 15 short scenes separated into 3 levels of difficulty, the player enhances his/her expertise and measures his/her progress through the “best practices” and “empathy” gauges, which fluctuate based on the responses. At the end of each scene, the player can review the key pedagogical concepts to remember.

Dubbing by professional actors guarantees total immersion in the game, so we strongly recommend that you turn up the sound!

This game was created with the support of the French Rare Diseases Plan 3.