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Rare diseases covered by ERN-EYE

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The rare diseases covered by ERN-EYE are rare eye diseases. Almost all visual impairment, whether isolated or associated with another pathology (syndromic form) is of genetic origin. The scope of the network covers more than 900 diseases.

Rare eye diseases include anterior segment, retinal and optic nerve disorders

RETINAL DISEASE (retinal dystrophies)

The entire retina is a disc about 42 mm in diameter. The central retina occupies a circular field of about 6 mm around the fovea, beyond which the retina is said to be peripheral.


The optic nerve is a sensory nerve allowing the assimilation and integration of visual perception.


Anterior segment: part of the eyeball anterior to the CRISTALLINE, comprising the anterior chamber, the cornea, the iris, a portion of the ciliary body and a portion of the SCLEROTIC