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ERN-EYE webinars – Presentation

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We’ll add new dates as soon as they’re set, stay tuned!


The goal is to share knowledge on rare eye disorders through webinars presented by expert members of the network and invited speakers.


The webinars will treat topics related to the disease groups covered by ERN-EYE and alternate between adult and paediatric contents with a focus on one hot topic or clinical challenge.


ERN-EYE members, clinical specialists (ophthalmologists and paediatric ophthalmologists), residents and other paramedical staff involved in the care of patients with a rare eye disease.

Recorded webinars

The webinars are usually recorded and published on the “past webinars” section of the website.


To register for a webinar click on the form below. The registration links will be active as soon as possible and at the latest 2 weeks before the webinar’s date.

Technical issues

ERN-EYE webinars are conducted using Zoom. It allows full audio and visual communication, as well as interaction between webinar’s speaker and participants.

Eligibility criteria

  • All interested people can participate to the webinars as attendee
  • Speakers should be ERN-EYE full members or affiliated partners or invited by one of them

3 reasons to participate

  1. High-level teaching
  2. Hot topics disscussions
  3. Opinion debate with experts

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