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ERN-EYE is recruiting



ERN-EYE started its activities the 1st March 2017. Since then, our activities grew up and new needs appeared.

Please find here the open positions in ERN-EYE and join us to serve better care for Rare Diseases in Europe!




Within the Project Management Team


ERN-EYE is recruiting a Scientific Project Manager

The Scientific Project Manager will work under the responsibility of the Chief of department & ERN-EYE Coordinator, (Pr Hélène Dollfus) and in close collaboration with ERN-EYE Project Manager as well as the other members of the ERN-EYE management team. He/she will be also involved with the team coordinating national network for rare sensorial diseases SENSGENE based also in Strasbourg.

The Scientific Project Manager will be in charge of:

  • Close follow up and diffusion to ERN-EYE members of the main scientific calls and initiatives accessible to ERNs in the field of ophthalmology and rare diseases
  • Represent ERN-EYE in main EU ERN-related scientific organization initiatives especially EJP-RD where the PM will be involved in various working groups and initiatives for implementation to ERN-EYE members
  • Management of team building for applications of consortiums or groups of ERN partners in various calls (representing ERN-EYE as a catalyzer and providing application help in the ERN perimeter)
  • Organize specific research meetings or courses for ERN-EYE members and beyond
  • Follow publication writing as the ERN catalyzer if needed
  • Organize the scientific annual workshop of ERN-EYE (by contributing to the program elaboration and general organization of the meetings)
  • Develop interactions for ERN-EYE with research institutions as well as industry partners
  • Elaborate with the communication officer a scientific breakthrough newsletter
  • Contribute to the scientific aspects of various ERN projects (scientific input check of guidelines, ERN call preparation, REDgistry , …)
  • Report to the European commission on an annual basis about the scientific actions added value of ERN-EYE
  • Impulse the knowledge generated by the ERN towards the national SENSGENE network to boost the EU and international situation towards the French actors
  • Will update the EU situation of clinical research and  trials in the EU especially with ERN-EYE members 


See the full ad - ERN-EYE scientific Project Manager


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