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ERN-EYE Exchange Programme 2024-2025

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Purpose of this programme

Knowledge sharing and stimulating collaboration between health care professionals in European Reference Networks (ERN) is the aim of the ERN Exchange Programme 2024, funded by the European Commission in the frame of the ERN-EYE 23-27 activities.

This edition will start in May 2024.

Content of the visits

The exchange programme is meant to meet goals and strengthen capacity on the network level. It is not meant for research nor for individual development (though this may be a secondary effect of the exchange programme). The thematic scope includes medical practice and skills but also organisational aspects of a network. These goals and priorities include:

  • geographical scope (priority countries/HCP’s, equal distribution over countries);
  • professional groups (medical specialists, nursing staff, lab staff, others);
  • thematic coverage (clinical aspects, psychosocial support, organisational strengthening)


The exchange visits will be organised from May to December 2024. 

  • Call for trainees: Continuously open
  • Review process: On a regular basis
  • Results: On a regular basis
  • Starting date for short exchanges : May-December 2024

Registration to the Short Term Exchange as a trainee

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants are employees in one of ERN-EYE full members
  • The host center should be a full member of ERN-EYE
  • This exchange programme is not a way to attend courses, symposia, meetings or congresses
  • This exchange programme is on stand-alone, one time basis
  • This exchange programme cannot be used to prolong other exchange programme funded by other organization or programme

Applications evaluation

All applications will be evaluated on the soundness of the added value for the trainee and the host in the field of rare eye diseases.

Costs and compensation

ERN-EYE will proceed with the reimbursement of the travel based on the EC unit cost for travel rules at the end of the visit. Beneficiaries (visitors) will receive :

  • A daily allowance for 5 working days to cover food and local transport. The amount is based on the EC unit cost for travel rules and depends on the hosting country;
  • An accommodation allowance for 5 nights. The amount is based on the EC unit cost for travel rules and depends on the hosting country;
  • A travel allowance. The amount depends on the distance of the travel and is based on the EC unit cost for travel rules.

More information about the reimbursement conditions under EC unit cost for travel rules can be accessed here.

Weekend days are not included. Visitors are expected to book their travel and accommodation.

Additional information

Please, note, a legal agreement might need to be signed between the two institutions, the applicant centre and the hosting centre, according to the local rules. The applicant and hosting centre will have to ensure that their institution’s processes are being respected.