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Pr. Hélène Dollfus

Professor of Universities and Hospital Practitioner (PU-PH) in  Medical Genetics and Ophthalmology.  Head of the Medical Genetics Department  of the Strasbourg University Hospitals (HUS),  Coordinator of the Rare Diseases in  Ophthalmic Genetics Reference Center (CARGO),  as well as the national rare diseases  branche SENSGENE,  Director of the Medical Genetics Laboratory,  Instigator of the future Institute  of Medical Genetics of Alsace (IGMA), President of the scientific council of Retina France  and Coordinator of the project ERN-EYE


  • ePag
  • ERN-EYE Coordinating committee
  • Retinal Rare Eye Diseases (WG1)
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology Rare Diseases (WG2)
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology Rare Diseases (WG3)
  • Anterior Segment Rare Eye Diseases (WG4)
  • Low Vision, Daily Life and Patients Groups (TWG5)
  • Genetic Diagnostics (TWG6)
  • Registries & Epidemiology (TWG7)
  • Research (TWG8)
  • National Integration (TWG9)
  • CPMS & Digital Medecine (TWG10)


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