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ERN-EYE members participated to the Training Workshop on Rare Diseases Registries in Baveno, Italy, on 8th and 9th of February

01 March 2018

The ERN-EYE action plan proposal for its second year was delivered to the European Commission on 9th January.

26 February 2018

Two members of the ERN-EYE network, Bart P. Leroy and Petra Liskova have just published an article.

25 February 2018

Pr Hélène Dollfus, coordinator of ERN-EYE represented the network during the IT Advisory group meeting in Brussels at the beginning of February. 

22 February 2018

Pr Hélène Dollfus, coordinator of ERN-EYE represented the network during the second meeting of the European Joint Programme (EJP) Cofund on Rare Diseases on the 5th-6th of February, 2018 in...

21 February 2018

Pr Hélène Dollfus represented the network during the 2nd Conference Ophthalmology Journal.

12 February 2018

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