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How to use the speech recognition tool?


The ERICA project’s evaluation phase has been completed and the grant agreement has been signed.  

21 January 2021

ERN-EYE organises Grand Rounds ERN-EYE Transnational (GREET) Meetings every two months with a focus on one clinical area.

22 December 2020

ERN-EYE decided to work on a multi-purpose tool called "Rare Eye' Com".

22 December 2020

From 2021 onwards ERN-EYE will organise webinars every two months with a focus on one hot topic or clinical challenge.

22 December 2020

REDgistry is a patient registry for Rare Eye Diseases (RED) in Europe.

22 December 2020

In an open letter 70 signatories highlight the detrimental health implications of a “no deal” Brexit for the UK citizens with a rare disease.

22 December 2020

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