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Medical University of Lublin, Lublin, Poland


Medical University of Lublin has its origins in the year 1944 in Lublin, Poland. The university gained its autonomy in 1950. As the years passed, new departments were added such as the Department of Dentistry in 1973. An agreement with the Hope Medical Institute in the United States was signed in the early 1990s, which initiated a program of teaching medicine to English-speaking students at the Medical University of Lublin. Thereafter a four-year MD program was formed.


The teaching program covers all branches of modern medicine and is comparable to medical programs in the US. Through its partner Hope Medical Institute, the Medical University provides the last two years of medical school (clinical rotations) to eligible students in the US and Canada.


Picture : Karol Karolus


Department of General Ophthalmology Medical University in Lublin ul. Chmielna 1

20-079 Lublin


Phone 00 48 81 53 28 601 or 00 48 604636763


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