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How to use the speech recognition tool?

ERN-EYE - Full members

Representative: Agnese Suppiej

Representative: Bart Leroy

Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria, Second University of Naples

Representative: Francesca Simonelli

Representative: Andrea Sodi

Representative: Francesco Parmeggiani

Representative: Luca Buzonetti

Representative: Hélène Dollfus

Representative: Sandra Valeina

Representative: José Alain Sahel

Representative: Isabelle Meunier

Representative: François Malecaze

Representative: Thomas Reinhardt

Representative: Artur Klett

Representative: Petra Liskova

Representative: Katarzyna Nowomiejska

Representative: Sui Wong

Representative: Carel Hyong

Representative: Michael Larsen

Representative: Kamron Khan

Representative: Ingeborgh van den Born

Representative: Birgit Lorenz

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