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Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Healthcare provider: 

The main aim is to have a significant impact on healthcare. This mission is accomplished by:The Radboud university medical center (Radboudumc, in short) offers patients top-clinical and top-referral care and have an important social role in increasing and sharing knowledge and expertise. It wants to take the lead or at least actively contribute to the development of reliable, innovative and affordable healthcare. It focuses on the health of man and society in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

  • Delivering verifiable high-quality
  • Offering participatory and personalized healthcare
  • Using our resources efficiently
  • Participating in sustainable, professional networks in every area

The Ophthalmology department of the Radboudumc is a top tertiary center for various eye diseases, and is a leading expert in the treatment and management of retinal diseases. Besides daily clinical care, we research diseases of the retina. The main goals of our research are to better understand the molecular basis of these diseases, and to develop new diagnostic devices and therapies.

The Human Genetics department of the Radboudumc performs groundbreaking research into the relationship between genes and diseases. Patient care (division clinical genetics) and genetic diagnostics (division genome diagnostics) performed within the department of Human Genetics is hosted by an official and acclaimed Centre for Clinical Genetics.  


ERN-EYE Involvement

  • F. Cremers, chair of TWG6 "Genetic Diagnostics" of ERN-EYE , member of TWG8

Genetic diagnosisResearch

  • Carel Hoyng, member of WG1, TWG6, TWG7, TWG8

Genetic diagnosisResearchRegistry and epidemiology

  •  C. Klaver, member of WG1, TWG7, TWG8

RetinalResearchRegistry and epidemiology



Carel HoyngCarel Hoyng

Professor in macular degeneration and specializes in studying the genetics of retinal disorders and ERN-EYE Hospital Coordinator


Frans CremersFrans Cremers

Professor in Ophthalmogenetic, chair of TWG6 "Genetic Diagnostics" of ERN-EYE






Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, Netherland 





Tel : +31 24 361 11 11


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