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AOU Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli (formerly known as AOU Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli), Napoli, Italy


The Rare Ocular Diseases Center of the AUU Luigi Vanvitelli University of Campania offers diagnostic, rehabilitative and therapeutic courses for patients suffering from hereditary eye diseases, such as hereditary chorion-retinal dystrophies, hereditary optic diseases, keratoconus and corneal dystrophies, both in isolation and syndromic.

Patients are taken care of by a dedicated multidisciplinary team that welcomes and guides them in the treatment process, including ophthalmologists, orthoptists and nurses specialized in diagnostic and rehabilitative techniques, counselors and guidance and mobility operators to complete the qualification/rehabilitation course, as well as paediatricians, audiologists, neurologists, nephrologists for the diagnosis and treatment of syndromic forms.

The new rooms of the Center, recently renovated, are made up of clinics completely dedicated to patients suffering from rare ocular diseases, distinguished by children and adults, equipped with all the modern technologies to support diagnosis and visual rehabilitation. To support the visual disability, moreover, an "intelligent" tactile path has been installed, which allows the partially sighted patient to move independently in the Center through the use of the electronic stick and voice messages on the mobile phone.

Recently, a "Telethon Advanced Ocular Therapy Unit" was created at the Center, born from the synergy between the Telethon Foundation, AOU Luigi Vanvitelli University of Campania and the Vanvitelliano University, unique in Italy and among the few in Europe, dedicated to experimentation of innovative therapeutic strategies for the treatment of rare ocular diseases. In this way, patients are offered the possibility of being enrolled in major clinical studies for hereditary eye diseases.

The Rare Eye Disease Center offers patients the following benefits:

  • a day hospital access for the first diagnostic classification, including genetic testing;
  • follow-up visits on an outpatient basis, with the following services:
    control eye examination, fundus oculi examination, ocular motility study, statistical perimetry (Cowa visual field, Humphrey, Octopus), Goldmann kinetic perimetry (manual visual field), electroretinography (ERG), visual evoked potentials (PEV), microperimetry , optical coherence tomography (OCT), retinal fluorangiography, corneal topography, pachymetry;
  • route of habilitation and rehabilitation of the hypovision in children and adults with a multidisciplinary team. The activity provides outpatient interventions with customized projects aimed at optimizing the degree of autonomy of the person concerned, giving priority to the needs expressed by the patient, encouraging adaptation or rehabilitation to their personal, work and social reality and with visual stimulation training both with training in the use of prosthetic aids and with adequate psychological support.


To book the first diagnostic day hospital, call the Rare Eye Disease Center at the telephone number: 081 566 67 62  (every Tuesday and Thursday from 11.00 to 13.00).

To book subsequent visits on an outpatient basis (follow-up), contact the company CUP at the telephone number: 800 177 780, indicating the name of your pathology.


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Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli

104, 80138 Napoli NA


Phone +39 081 566 1111


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