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 ERN-EYE General Annual Meeting Tallinn - Final report

After one year of existence, ERN-EYE organized its third important meeting from March 26th to 27th in Tallinn, Estonia. The General Annual Meeting gathered nearly 60 people from the HCPs of the 13 member countries of the network, as well as invited speakers.

The central part was dedicated to the second governance board bringing together the representatives of ERN-EYE full members and patient representatives. During this board, a positive assessment of the first year of existence of ERN-EYE could be made: the main objectives of 2017 have been achieved or are in progress and new projects will be launched. These projects are part of the 2018 objectives that the board has approved; among them is the production of guidelines, the use of Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) or the creation of an e-learning program.

In addition to the plenary sessions, nine ERN-EYE working groups were able to meet and define their roadmap for the coming months. Among their goals, registries and guidelines were identified as the most important ones. This meeting made it possible to fix the goals for the year 2 of ERN-EYE and allowed to continue an active collaboration within the overall network and the working groups.


Read the General Annual Meeting report

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