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ERN-EYE Educational video for healthcare professionals: How to welcome visually impaired people to the hospital?


Based on an original initiative from the French national Network for rare sensory diseases SENSGENE, the European Reference Network for Rare Eye Diseases (ERN-EYE) launched a video aiming to guide healthcare professionals how to welcome visually impaired patients in the hospital. This educational video was created to address patient’s expectations and improve their experience in the network’s hospital.How to welcome visually impaired people to the hospital?

SENSGENE worked on this project with several French associations of visually impaired people. Patients actively contributed in this project through 5 focus groups (workshops) which enabled to collect testimonies and needs from visually impaired people and healthcare professionals. ERN-EYE collaborated with SENSGENE to translate and adpapt the video in English. This version was reviewed and validated by our English European Patient Advocacy Group (ePAG) representative.

The video is a 3-minute motion design video. It is divided into 3 independent parts. It deals with common situations in the care activity: the different types of visual impairment, reception in a hospital centre, consultation, moves and orientation in a hospital room. This fits perfectly with the needs of the patients reported in the focus groups. Besides, an evaluation carried out after the viewing of the video among health professionals showed that 80% of them improved their knowledge.

This video met a great success in France since its launch in October 2019. Thus, as it was created thanks to the involvement of patients and healthcare professionals, it fits a real need. It will now be distributed all over Europe thanks to its translation and publication within the ERN-EYE network and international congresses.


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