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Blind and visually impaired people: protective measures at your fingertips!

The French Federation for the Blind and Partially Sighted and the French Rare Diseases Network SENSGENE created a series of short films to explain to visually impaired people how to protect themselves in times of COVID-19 epidemic. These films are now adapted in a 2-minute video in English by the European Reference Network ERN-EYE.

Some moves are more difficult to perform for blind and partially sighted people who may also be more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. How can protective measures be respected when sight is replaced by touch? This is the topic of this short video with audio description: Washing your hands, going out, putting on a mask or knowing if you are vulnerable to COVID-19. The goal is to make blind and partially sighted people and their relatives aware of the good practices to adopt.

This video provides useful information about protective measures that require more vigilance so that they are carried out properly by both visually impaired people and their family or caregiver. And even more widely because it's up to all of us!

These films were made by Dowino creative studio in France. They have been adapted in English by ERN-EYE with the help of one of the ePAG patients. Find more information about COVID-19 protective measures and recommendations in English on www.ern-eye.eu/covid-19 and in French on www.aveuglesdefrance.org or www.sensgene.com.



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