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An exchange of expertise between ERN-EYE baltic countries members

Visit of Dr Arthur Klett (Tallinn, Estonia) at the Children's Clinical University Hospital (Riga, Latvia)


Dr Artur Klett, ERN-EYE member from Tallin Central Hospital Eye Clinic, who is an expert of rare oculoplastic and ophthalmDr Klett in Rigaooncological diseases, visited Eye disease clinic of Children's Clinical University Hospital in Riga on 15th-16th of November 2018. 

On the first day, 8 patients were consulted. All patients had rare diagnoses, such as congenital blepharophimosis syndrome, congenital bilateral anophthalmia, neurofibromatosis, secondary ptosis after optic nerve glioma surgery, as well as suspected iris melanoma. The possibilities of surgical treatment for children have been considered during this stay.

Ophthalmologists of Children’s Clinical University Hospital in Riga, as well as residents and optometrists participated in the consultation. The history of each patient was steadily described; investigations, test results and treatment options were discussed for each individual case. 

After a visit of the hospital, all doctors discussed what is in common and what is different at work, in the educating process of doctors and in the treatment of patients in Estonia and Latvia. After the discussion, Dr Klett began the surgical process. He talked about the choice of approach in specific cases, taught and explained the techniques of surgery, answered all the questions, shared his views on the further prediction of above-mentioned diagnoses, patient monitoring and treatment.

The exchange of experience among specialists is necessary and important for the development of a doctor and education system. A different view of an existing problem often helps to evaluate and choose better treatment strategies.

Latvian patients with rare oculoplastic and ophthalmooncological diseases had a huge benefit being under the care of the colleague and expert from Tallinn because they did not have to travel abroad to receive professional medical assistance thus improving their quality of life.

Dr Klett in Riga

Dr Klett in Riga

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