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Genetics of Ocular Development (GoOD) meeting

Following on from the success of the previous Genetics of Ocular Development (GoOD) meeting held in Oxford in 2019, a second meeting was scheduled to take place on Monday 7th - Tuesday 8th September 2020 in Paris at the Institute of Genetic Diseases. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the second GoOD meeting will be held on Monday 7th September 2020 as a virtual event.

Authors are invited to send an abstract (Template attached) to calvas.p@chu-toulouse.fr. The topics of interest include (but are not limited to): New genes - New phenotypes (including new syndromes and undiagnosed cases) - Diagnosis (clinical and molecular) - Disease models (animal and IPSC-derived optic cups) - Therapies, etc. Please note that abstracts are due by July 27, 2020.

Access to the virtual platform will be opened to registered participants. There will be a registration fee of 50 euros for all participants, except PhD or clinical students who will be provided with full access to the platform for free if they can email a Sponsorship letter from the lab/clinical lead to jean-michel.rozet@inserm.fr.

It will allow basic scientists involved in the research of these eye anomalies and clinicians involved in the care of such individuals with developmental eye genetic disorders to meet together, listen to each others’ interesting work, share ideas and provide the basis for future collaboration.



Abstract template

Online registration will be open from July 2nd

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