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4.European Choroideremia Patient Conference


  • Friday 02-10-2020 (14h00) – Sunday 04-10-2020(14h00)
  • Location: Wilhelm Kempf House 65207 Wiesbaden. The venue is directly within reach of Frankfurt Central Station.


In 2020, the PRO RETINA, France Choroideremia and Retina International will once again organize a conference for Choroideremia patients and people interested in the disease. The objective is to give an update on the research into new options regarding diagnosis and treatment.


Initial studies of a gene therapy have already been done worldwide. Gene therapy has already been applied in Germany. It will be also reported on vision aids and counseling options. This is also an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences in dealing with the disease.


The speakers and moderators will be happily standing by to answer your questions and remarks. Questions for the speakers can also be presented to the seminar leadership in advance, in writing. The leadership will make sure your questions reach, and will be answered by, the appropriate speaker.



Contact​​: Michael Längsfeld, Telephone +49 170 2703637, E-MAIL chm@pro-retina.de, Internet https://www.pro-retina.de/netzhauterkrankungen/chorioideremie

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