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Improve care of EU citizens with Rare Eye Disease (RED) 

The vision of ERN–EYE is dedicated to EU patients with RARE EYE DISEASES (RED) bringing expertise and knowledge for immediate and future best care.

The ERN-EYE has the following objectives carried out by the subthematic and transversal teams:


Facilitate improvement in diagnosis and delivery for health careby electronic strategies developed in a virtual Eye clinic EyeClin including diagnostic, genetic and care expertises  


Facilitate mobility of expertiseby producing guidelines, EU wide training/education programm, sharing expertise in the EyeClin system with EU experts


Exploit innovations in medical science and health technology: by empowering clinical trials and by patient centered approaches for research


Reinforce research and epidemiological surveillance: by the design and use of an ERN-EYE registry and by bottom-up research projects generated or stimulated by ERN-EYE


Help member state(s) with insufficient number of patients: by promoting affiliated partners with full access to the ERN-EYE services, by the use of EyeClin eventually facilitating cross border referral, by exchanges and training/education programms.

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