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Next ERN-EYE webinar

29th June 2023

3.00 pm CEST


Foveal Hypoplasia: a big diagnostic dilemma

ERN-EYE webinar

Connection link will be sent shortly before the event. Registration is open until 29th June, 1 pm.

Webinar's programme

1. Foveal development and physiopathology of Foveal Hypoplasia

Dr Giacomo Bacci (Italy)

2. Foveal Hypoplasia in clinical setting: how to diagnose and interpret?

Dr Pina Fortunato (Italy)

3. Foveal Hypoplasia and Genetics: the molecular peculiarities

Dr Sara Bargiacchi (Italy)

4. Discussion

Dr Giacomo Bacci, AOU Careggi - AOU Meyer Consortium, Firenze, Italy

Giacomo Bacci works in Florence in the pediatric HCP: Meyer Children's Hospital. He deals with pediatric rare eye diseases in close collaboration with the other HCP in Florence, Careggi Hospital, with whom there is a consortium participation to ERN-EYE. In ERN-EYE network, his concrete role is related to diagnose rare eye disease and to support and be supported by other pediatric HCP of the network in the definition of rare eye diseases. 

Read the interview of Giacomo Bacci

Dr Pina Fortunato, AOU Careggi - AOU Meyer Consortium, Firenze, Italy


1998 M.D. graduation at University of Florence with the thesis " Age macular degeneration: from diagnosis to treatment".

2003 Graduation in Ophthalmology at University of Florence with the thesis: " Retinoblastoma: new conservative treatment ".

2007-2008 PhD in "Vascular Pathology in Head-Neck district" discussing the thesis "Macular Edema in diabetic retinopathy: new therapeutical approaches" at Department of Oto-Neuro-Ophthalmology Sciences University of Florence with top grades.


Professional experience

Dr Pina Fortunato has developed experience in medical and surgical treatment of retina, also in pediatric age, and laser treament of vasculopathies.

Following main points on her clinical and research activities:

2007 clinical fellowship offered by Service of Ophthalmology at Hopital Lariboisiere in Paris (Prof A. Gaudric); her special interest being diabetic retinopathy, retinal angiomatosis.

2009 she works as Pediatric Ophthalmologist at Meyer Hospital in Florence.

She have  great experience in ROP disease and since 2017 she is a member of The Italian Rop Study Group; she is subinvestigator in "Rainbow "study for ROP and AntiVEGF tratment.

She has also experiences in Low Vision and Rare Eye Disease such as inherited retinal diseases (IRD)

Dr Sara Bargiacchi, AOU Careggi - AOU Meyer Consortium, Firenze, Italy

Sara Bargiacchi is a clinical Geneticist who works in the pediatric HCP: Meyer Children's Hospital. She works in close collaboration with ophthalmologists at Meyer and Careggi Hospital in order to make diagnosis for rare eye diseases and to provide genetic counselling to the families. 
Together with laboratory experts, she also analyses and interprets NGS results of patients with retinal dystrophies.


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