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Meetings to improve the CPMS

Meetings dedicated to discuss the features of the New CPMS occured in January and February within a dedicated Business Implementation Group (BIG).
During the January session, the timeline of the development process of the new IT tool was detailed. A first release will occured for the end of this year but the final version is planned for the end of the Summer 2024. The current version of the CPMS will end between May 2024 and February 2025.
During BIG, important topics are discussed, as for example the process for Data migration between the two systems, the content of the minimum dataset or the ontology used in the new software.
The discussion on these various subjects remains open between the various protagonists of the ERNs and BIG meetings are organized monthly in order to define precisely the needs of each network. ERN-EYE is represented by Dr Laura Mauring, Dr Monika Grudzinska Pechhacker and Francesco Rotolo.

In addition to BIG, another executive working group is working on the new tool development. The Project Owner Group meets at least weekly. ERN-EYE is represented by Dorothée Leroux.

Next Big Meeting will take place on 28th March.


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