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How to use the speech recognition tool?


The testing phase of the EYE-customized version will begin on 20th August 2018.


08 août 2018

ERN-EYE created an online research collaborative platform to give to all researchers in the network the opportunity to communicate between them.

03 août 2018

ERN-EYE published a brochure that describes the network and its activities. 

19 juillet 2018

All coordinators of the ERNs met on 26th June in Brussels for the coordinators meeting

11 juillet 2018

 Pr Dollfus presented the network in Romania.

14 juin 2018

This year, ERN-EYE will award 4 grants to medical trainees, medical specialists, or health professionals who belong to one of the 29 ERN-EYE members and who want to improve their knowledge.

01 juin 2018

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