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An ontological foundation for ocular phenotypes and rare eye diseases. 

10 janvier 2019

The first joint transnational call within the EJP (European Joint Program) rare diseases is officially opened.  

07 janvier 2019

The Christian Hamel Prize, created this year in honor of Christian Hamel, Professor at the Rare Diseases Reference Center in Montpellier (France) and founder of the SGOF, was awarded to Pr Hélène...

11 décembre 2018

RD-Action published a report on the conclusions and next steps from the workshop ‘How ERNs can provide added value in the area of clinical research’. 

06 décembre 2018

Artur Klett, ERN-EYE member and expert of rare oculoplastic and ophthalmooncological diseases, visited Eye disease clinic of Children's Clinical University Hospital in Riga on 15th-16th of November.

03 décembre 2018

The European Commission published a new video to understand what is an ERN and how it works.

27 novembre 2018

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