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Interview of the month - Dr Saddek Mohand Saïd


Every month, ERN-EYE invites you to meet an active person within the network through a short interview. This month, it's Dr Saddek Mohand Saïd, Quinze-Vingt Hospital in Paris, France, who accepted to answer our questions.


"ERN-EYE has to be enable access to the same quality of care for all the patients with rare eye diseases in EU countries"


What is your concrete role in the ERN-EYE network?

I am one of the representatives of the CHNO des Quinze-Vingts in the ERN-EYE network. I co-chair with Davis Keegan from MMUH, Ireland the Transversal Working Group 5 (Low Vision, Daily Life and Patients Groups).


In your opinion, what is the most important issue ERN-EYE could overcome?

Enable access to the same quality of care for all the patients with rare eye diseases in EU countries. This involves the delivery of a complete and regularly updated information on diseases and their consequences on the vision and daily life of patients, and the homogenization of procedures for the evaluation of visual impairment and its management.


What are the main challenges of the network?

Strengthen and perpetuate the network management and animation structures. So far, much of this is done thanks to the dedication of network members who consume part of their professional time and often some of their free time.


And the best advances?

The concretization of the ERN network project and the setting up of coordinating structures and collaboration tools (website, database, meeting...).


In your dreams, what would ERN-EYE look like in 10 years ?

It would be a major player in the global network of rare eye diseases with the goal of sharing knowledge and expertise with all patients and healthcare professionals around the world.


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