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Reference Center Rare Diseases "Genetic Sensory Diseases", MAOLYA, Montpellier

Healthcare provider 

Labelized in 2004, MAOLYA is a national reference center for the diagnosis and management of multisensory inherited diseases with isolated or associated ocular, hearing and neurological involvements in children and adults. In regards with this specificity, Maolya and ARAMAV, a specialized and national low vision rehabilitation center developed a global care program and network (Rush) with the collaboration of deaf rehabilitation services for Usher patients that are affected by a congenital hearing loss followed by a progressive retinitis pigmentosa. In the same way, a multidisciplinary outclinic visit is proposed for patients with Wolfram disease.


A research (INM) and clinical dual site (Maolya clinical center)

Maolya with recognized ophthalmological competencies in the diagnostic and management fields of patients suffering from retinal, macular and optic nerve disorders is closely engaged with the Institute of Neurosciences of Montpellier with INSERM units that focus on pathophysiology and therapy of sensory diseases.


Therapeutic approaches

Gene therapies are ongoing in this clinical center for choroideremia, X-linked retinitis pigmentosa and retinitis punctate albescens.


Teaching and dissemination of information

The Maolya reference center is also active in teaching and dissemination of information with the creation of a broad annual medical program dedicated to retinal and optic nerve inherited diseases and the creation of an european society dedicated to inherited ocular disorders.


ERN-EYE Involvement

Isabelle Meunier, member of WG1, TWG8.



Photo Isabelle MeunierIsabelle Meunier

Ophthalmologist and ERN-EYE Hospital Coordinator



Photo Catherine Blanchet

Catherine Blanchet



Photo Agathe Roubertie

Agathe Roubertie 


Photo Maolya

Reference Center Rare Diseases

"Genetic Sensory Diseases",

MAOLYA, Montpellier


Tel: 04 67 33 67 33

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