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CENTRE HOSPITALIER DE Luxembourg - HUB, Luxembourg


The CHL has been created by the law of 10 December 1975. It has the status of a public establishment with financial and administrative autonomy and is managed according to the forms and methods of private law.   The Minister of Health of Luxembourg exercises supervision in certain areas specified by law.   Opened in 1976, the CHL today has a capacity of 579 beds and employs 2,348 people in more than 50 professions. Among them are some 270 doctors and a thousand nursing staff.   The CHL is the only hospital centre in which doctors work as full-time employees in the hospital. Since its foundation, the CHL has been strongly involved in training and teaching activities as well as research, missions that are explicitly entrusted to it by law. Many of the services of the CHL are recognised by the universities of neighbouring countries as training grounds for future doctors, pharmacists or biologists. Since 1976, more than 1,450 doctors in the process of specialisation have passed through the CHL for all or part of their training.   The CHL is divided into 8 centres and 41 clinical services managed jointly by a doctor and a carer. This organisational model allows for accountability and efficient collaboration between all actors, as well as a more formal and objective follow-up of activities. CHL Eich
This hospital site was integrated and attached to the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg in 2003. In addition to its administrative attachment, this merger made it possible to consolidate the ophthalmology, ENT and orthopaedic services, as well as to set up the services of multi-purpose internal medicine, sports medicine and prevention, acute geriatrics and palliative care.


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4 Rue Nicolas Ernest Barblé

1210 Luxembourg


Phone +352 44 11 11


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