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University Hospital of Padua, Italy

Healthcare provider: 

Padua University Hospital is a 1.200-bed University Hospital (Policlinico). It has a 30.000 m2 laboratory capacity with all biomedical disciplines, and genetics and metabolic laboratory services, which are CE certified for rare eye disease diagnosis. Padua University is the second oldest university in Europe. The Department of Women and Child Health (DSDB) is a compendium of multidisciplinary skills covering all range of pediatric disorders. Care of children with rare eye diseases is done within the Regional Centre for low vision in pediatrics, the neurophthalmology and paediatric ophthalmology and immunological eye disorders Services. Patients with rare eye disorders can benefit of the full spectrum of pediatric subspecialties including pediatric metabolic, neurological and rheumatological disorders. The regional Center for low vision in children was instituted by Veneto Region in 1999 and confirmed in 2003 by the Resolution no. 4095/2003, according to the Italian National Law 284/1997 “Regulations for the prevention of blindness and visual rehabilitation”, it is an Orphanet Center. Patients with rare disorders are certified within the Inter-Regional Register for Rare Disease of the Veneto Region, an intranet HTTPS platform shared by nine Italian Regions and managed by the University of Padua, allowing patients with rare eye disorders specific benefits by low and providing database for inclusion in therapeutic trials. The full spectrum of opthalmological diagnostics and care, including eye surgery, is provided thanks to the link with adult Ophthalmology Clinic (Part of the EVI Center network). High standard research facilities are provided linked to the Medical Faculty of Padua and Ferrara Universities. Close links with Robert Hollman Foundation whose mission is to promote development of children with ultra-low vision, take into account their individual physical, psychological and social needs and resources.


ERN-EYE Involvement

Agnese Suppiej, member of, WG2 Neuro-Ophtalmology , WG3 Pediatric Ophtalmology, WG4 Anterior Segment, TWG5, TWG8

Neuro-ophtalmologyAnterior SegmentPediatryLow visionResearch

Elisabetta Pilotto

Elisabetta Pilotto

Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology -University Hospital of Padova, Italy.

Ophthalmologist, board certified by the European Board of Ophthalmology (EBO).

Retina Specialist, currently in charge of the Medical Retina Service, which includes the Imaging

Service and the Electrophysiology Lab, and of the Regional Centre for low vision in children, an

Orphanet Center, for the care of patients with rare eye disorders.

Member of the Retinal Dystrophies Expert Committee of the EVICR.net.


  University Hospital of Padua, Italy






Tel. : +39 049 827 5111 

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