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The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, The Netherlands

Healthcare provider: 

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital (established in 1874) is the largest provider of ophthalmic care in The Netherlands. We provide the highest quality of eye care in a wide spectrum, from basic (secondary) to the most complex (tertiary) eye care. We aim to achieve medical and operational excellence by continuous improvement in research and education. With our colleagues of the Rotterdam Ophthalmic Institute (ROI) we perform research into eye diseases, diagnostics and treatments. By applying the results in our daily work, we offer our patients a direct benefit. We share innovations with our partner ophthalmic institutes in the world.


The Rotterdam Eye Hospital is the largest educational institution for future ophthalmologists in The Netherlands, training young doctors and fellows from around the world. The hospital receives excellent scores in the field of patient satisfaction by continuously evaluating the wishes and needs of patients and making improvements to optimize patients’ experiences.


The Rotterdam Eye Hospital is co-founder of the World Association of Eye Hospitals (WAEH). Within this network, knowledge and best practices are exchanged between more than 40 eye hospitals and eye departments over the world.


The hospital has a large national network of associated eye departments. We provide eye care in association with selected national partners in the chain of primary and secondary care, rehabilitation and patient associations. Together with them we improve people’s sight every day. This is our focus of care.


ERN-EYE Involvement

  • Ingeborgh van den Born, member of WG1, TWG7, TWG8

RetinalRegistry and epidemiologyResearch

  • Suzanne Yzer, member of WG1, TWG7, TWG8

RetinalRegistry and epidemiologyResearch


Ingeborgh van den BornL. Ingeborgh van den Born

MD PhD, Ophthalmogenetics and ERN-EYE Hospital Coordinator




Photo Suzanne Yzer

Suzanne Yzer

MD PhD, Medical Retina



Tel :+31 10 401 7777

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, The Netherlands

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