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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, UK

Healthcare provider: 

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is a major provider of high-tech patient care, teaching and research, and its network of buildings are a landmark visible for miles across the city. Leeds Centre for Ophthalmology is based at St. James’ Hospital, to the northwest of the city.


The Eye department provides a tertiary level referral service for patients across Yorkshire, Britain’s largest county, serving a population of over 5 million. It has particular expertise in managing patients with complex and low prevalence eye disorders, with weekly specialist clinics for adult and paediatric patients with inherited retinal, inflammatory, orbital and anterior segment disease. The team is made up of twenty four Consultant Ophthalmologists, supported by a multi-professional clinical team.


Leeds Centre for Ophthalmology has strong research links with the University of Leeds, particularly the School of Medicine and the Institue of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences.     


Our major research interest for the past 15 years has been in the field of retinal genetics, collaborating with Professor Chris Inglehearn’s team locally, as well as on a national and international basis. Together we have been instrumental in describing many novel genetic forms of eye disease.


As part of a multispeciality hospital, the Eye clinic also plays a key role in the management of patients with systemic disorders, and we share the care of patients with a number of different departments, including neurology, renal medicine, oncology, rheumatology, transplant medicine and clinical genetics. Yorkshire Regional Genetics, part of the National Genetics Reference Laboratory network, is also based at St. James’s Hospital.


ERN-EYE Involvement                                                                                              

  • Kamron Khan, chair of TWG7 “Registries & Epidemiology”, member of WG1, TWG6, TWG8, TWG9               

Retinal   Genetic diagnosis     Research  Education                                  

  • Martin McKibbin and Raj Mukherjee, members of WG1.             


  • Seema Anand, member WG4   

Anterior Segment                                                                   

  • Vernon Long, member WG3     


  • Chris Inglehearn and Ruth Charlton, members TWG6

Genetic diagnosis




Martin McKibbin, Consultant OphthalmologistMartin McKibbin

Consultant Ophthalmologist



Chris Inglehearn, Professor of Molecular Genetics

Chris Inglehearn

Professor of Molecular Genetics



Kamron Khan

Kamron Khan

Consultant Ophthalmologist



Raj Mukherjee, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Raj Mukherjee

Consultant Ophthalmologist



Vernon Long, Consultant Ophthalmologist

Vernon Long

Consultant Ophthalmologist



Ruth Charlton, Lead for Genetic Scientific Services

Ruth Charlton

Lead for Genetic Scientific Services


Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds, UK



Tel.: (0113) 2433144


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