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How to use the speech recognition tool?


Find out the best moments of our General Annual Meeting last week in Prague !

27 March 2019

All ERN flyers and posters for patients of the European Commission are now available in all EU languages.

08 March 2019

Global Commission’s recommendations focus on three solution pathways that leverage technology to address key elements of the rare disease diagnostic odyssey.

21 February 2019

To contact the ERN-EYE helpdesk, a dedicated e-mail address is available (ern-eye.helpdesk@chru-strasbourg.fr) and the helpdesk can also be reached by phone.

14 February 2019

Our colleague Dr Sandra Valeina from Children’s Clinical University Hospital, Riga, Latvia submitted the very first patient case to the virtual eye clinic.

14 February 2019

This group will be made up of volunteer patient experts as well as individuals and families affected by Choroideremia.

28 January 2019

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