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ERN-EYE started its activities the 1st March 2017. Since then, our activities grew up and new needs appeared.

Please find here the open positions in ERN-EYE and join us to serve better care for Rare Diseases in Europe!

Within the Project Management Team


ERN-EYE is recruiting a REDgistry Project Manager

ERN-EYE is recruiting a REDgistry Project Manager. REDgistry Project Manager will provide support to REDgistry project, working with the ERN-EYE Project Manager and other team members (communication team, helpdesk team) to achieve both projects success. REDgistry Project Manager will also work in direct collaboration with the Hospital teams, mainly IT and legal departments.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information:

ERN-EYE is recruiting a medical fellow (duration : 1 year)

To continue the activities in the field within the CPMS, ERN-EYE is looking for a new fellow for one year.

This fellowship position is co-funded by the European Commission Innovation & Networks Executive Agency (INEA) – Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) - and by the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg (HUS). 75% of the time is dedicated to ERN-EYE missions and 25 % to the clinical daily mission of the centre of reference dedicated to Rare Eye Diseases CARGO in Strasbourg.

You will find the job offer on our website (link below), feel free to consult and share them! 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information :

See the full ad - ERN-EYE medical fellow


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