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General Annual Meeting in Prague 

We are pleased to announce the third General Annual ERN-EYE Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, from the 21st to 22nd March 2019. Hosted by our Czech colleague, Dr Petra Liskova, this event will allow us to discuss the actual and further challenges of the network.

This 2019 annual meeting will be mainly dedicated to the 3rd ERN-EYE governance board (obligatory for all HCP representatives and ad hoc committees), to hot topics such as the Clinical Patient Management System, the call for new ERN-EYE membership, affiliated members, ERN-EYE registry and research. In addition WG working sessions will be organized.

The General Annual ERN-EYE Meeting is the opportunity for all members to meet together and take part in debate and decision for the future of the network. 

More info about the Prague Meeting

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