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New ERN-EYE Project Manager

Isabella Vacchi is our new project manager with Dorothée Leroux! After studying chemical and pharmaceutical sciences in Italy, Isabella did a PhD in biological and therapeutic chemistry (France) followed by a PostDoc (China) in the same field. Isabella joins our team with a four year experience in project management and project evaluation acquired working at the European Science Foundation (France). She is eager to integrate the team and contribute to the network activities.
Isabella will be involved in all aspects of project management to ensure the successful implementation of the project, in particular the monitoring of activities, the monitoring and management of budgets in practice, the progress of the ERN-EYE working groups as well as the monitoring of certain ancillary projects such as the development of e-Learning as required. She will organise and manage the meetings of the different groups, actively participate in all aspects of the network and its communication.
Welcome Isabella!


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