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Update : 08.09.2020



Health Care Provider Name: Centro Hospitalar e Universitário e Coimbra (CHUC)

Contact Name: Dr João Pedro Marques MD, MSc, FEBO



Usual Rare Eye Diseases consultations

Yes (less patients). IRD patients who had appointments during the mandatory confinement times are being rescheduled. 


If closed, teleconsultations access

Patients can call the department to ask for medication (prescription can be sent electronically) or to answer particular questions.

A specific email for the retinal dystrophies clinic is also available.

Telephone: +351 239 701 182

Email: distrofiasretina.chuc@gmail.com


Intra-vitreal therapies (i.e.anti VEGF)

Telephone: +351 239 701 182

Email: distrofiasretina.chuc@gmail.com


Eye emergencies link for RED complications

The ophthalmology emergency department is open 24/7. All patients are welcomed at any time.


Genetic testing for RED: maintained/discontinued

Genetic testing has resumed, as well as ancillary imaging.

Telephone: +351 239 480 638

Email: genetica@chuc.min-saude.pt


specific COVID guidelines from your GOVERNMENT/ TOWN/ REGION

for poorly sighted patients (or disabled persons or persons with rare diseases)

No. We are currently working on a web-based national registry of IRDs: the IRD-PT Study which uses the retina.pt platform.


specific COVID guidelines from the PATIENT GROUPS/ASSOCIATIONS

for Poorly sighted/Blind patients (or disabled persons or persons with rare diseases)


Associação Retina Portugal (ARP)

Asociação dos Cegos e Amblíopes de Portugal (ACAPO)



for ophthalmic diseases care, poorly sighted patients (or disabled persons or persons with rare diseases) and rare eye diseases

Sociedade Portuguesa de Oftalmologia (SPO)

       Grupo de Estudos de Retina (GER)

Colégio da Especialidade de Oftalmologia



Clinical trials for RED:

  • inclusions ongoing/postponed

  • follow up visits: done on time/ delayed

  • Are patients under trial with COVID identified as having an adverse effect Yes/No

  • Industry cope? Yes/No

Currently we have no ongoing clinical trials for RED.


Link to the website of the portuguese Ministery of Health



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