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 Update: 15.04.2020


Health Care Provider Name: Children's Clinical University hospital, Riga, Latvia.

Contact Name: Dr Sandra Valeina, Head of Children's Eye Diseases clinic.


Update from Dr Sandra Valeina - 08.04.2020





Usual Rare Eye Diseases


Urgent consultations are maintained. We go through all patient list and choose patients who cannot be postponed. We ask parents to check vision with right and left eye with and without glasses and send our patient eye s photos. 

If closed, teleconsultations


There are Zoom consultations.

Link to Zoom consultations

Intra-vitreal therapies

(i.e.anti VEGF)

We don t have intravitreal therapies. We have some patients who undergo biologic therapy. They continue therapy as before.

 Intra-arterial therapies for retinoblastoma treatment continue.

Eye emergencies link for

RED complications

Eye emergencies are continued. Necessary eye operations for congenital cataracts, congenital glaucomas, etc rare conditions continue.

Information about telemedicine consultations in CCUH Eye diseases clinic

Genetic testing for RED:


The guidelines for genetic testing in COVID19 time are similar to tho as be brehand. All patients with treatable rare diseases and rare eye diseases till 6 monthes and one year, where genetic testing will give some impact is treatment are continuing to test.

More information

specific COVID guidelines from


for poorly sighted patients

(or disabled persons or persons with rare diseases)

There are Rare Diseases coordination center in Childrens Clinical University Hospital in Riga. There are link for online consultations to psychologist for rare diseases patients in COVID19 time.  


specific COVID guidelines from the


for Poorly sighted/Blind patients

(or disabled persons or persons with rare diseases)

We have parents group for congenital cataract patients, they are working and giving information in Facebook.

We are working together with them and trying to speak with all rare eye diseases patients’ parents.

We are thinking about some information for Rare eye diseases patients through Rare diseases coordination center. 

Group for parents of children with congenital cataracts


for ophthalmic diseases care, poorly sighted patients

(or disabled persons or persons with rare diseases)

and rare eye diseases

There are special guidelines for special school/ center for blind and visually impaired children.


Clinical trials for RED:

  • inclusions ongoing/postponed

  • follow up visits: done on time/ delayed

  • Are patients under trial with COVID identified as having an adverse effect Yes/No

  • Industry cope? Yes/No

Congenital cataract patients make follow up visits on time. All pathologies, that can lead to visual disability are done on time.


Link to the website of the Ministery of Health in Latvia

Rare Diseases coordination center in Children's Clinical University Hospital in Riga

Strazdumuiza Secondary School- Training Centre- supports visually imaired children in remote learning during the emergency situation


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