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Skin-to-Eye Study

Type: Interventional

Status of the trial: Inactive

Orphan Drug Recognition: No


  • Opening Date: 2021-01-01
  • Closing Date: 0000-00-00


Inclusion: age ≥ 18 ans Participants aux essais cliniques ProQR en cours (InSight (PQ-110-002), Illuminate (PQ-110-003), STELLAR (PQ-421a-001), Futures études cliniques ciblant l’IRD sponsorisées par ProQR Therapeutics) ainsi que d’autres donneurs

Exclusion: cf protocole

Children: No

Adults: Yes

Funder Type: private

HCP: Other investigators

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Principal investigators

Other investigators


  • Retinal Rare Eye Diseases (WG1)


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